These AXE Women Loggers of Maine are the only touring "Lumber Jill" show in North America. They offer a high-energy show that features ladies who are world champions in logging.

The Axe Women Loggers of Maine production is a self-contained, turn-key event unlike any other lumberjack show in North America. No details have been spared in creating a show geared for a 21st century audience, with high quality visual production and stage elements, apparel and sound equipment.

What makes Axe Women Loggers of Maine different from all the rest of the touring logging shows out there? It features more current world champion performers than any other show, including various event championships from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. There is no other touring logging show in North American of this caliber.

Lumberjack shows have historically been a play off of one original show, one original script and unfortunately the original and outdated jokes that accompany it. This show has been entirely revamped with a script that not only emphasizes the nature and difficulty of the sport, but also focuses on its beginnings and historical significance. This production is also set to today's top rock music hits.

The Axe Women team handles every single detail of these world class performances, including load-in and load-out with their self-contained aesthetic sets from their 26' trailer, which acts as a backdrop for the event.

This show is the centerpiece of the touring division of the Pro Timber Sports company based in Bar Harbor, Maine. The Axe Women are sponsored by Stihl of Virgina Beach, VA and Logrite of Vernon, CT, which provide state-of-the-art logging sports equipment necessary to compete in championships around the world, and to produce this touring exhibition.


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Mimicking the felling of a tree, the athletes races to chop through 12 to 14 inches of a vertical log. The competitor must chop from both sides of the log. The first woman to chop through the log wins. Precision is the key to success in this event. Stamina is the primary challenge because this is one of the most physically exhausting events.



Athletes stand on top of a log and, using a 6 pound razor sharp axe that is just inches from their feet, "blaze" through the wood. They chop from one side to the other. Great skill, determination and amazing accuracy are essential in the underhand chopping. It is truly an amazing experience to see! It is a very popular event for Axe Women in the sport.


Two to four Axe Women saw cross-cut style through a slice of wood using a 5'6" long double-handled saw. This requires skill, speed and sheer determination. The saws are Peg and Rakers brand, which are state of the art.


These gals throw a 2.5 pound double-headed axe at a target at about 20 feet away. The target stands 5 feet off the ground. The Axe Women get 3 throws, which is an amazing example of their skill and accuracy. This event is a big hit for audiences. Two of our Axe Women are world champions in this event.


Two Stihl modified stock chain saws are used in this event by two Axe Women competing in a two-cut race, involving down and up cuts. It is loud, fast and a blast to watch. The "souped up" saws are hot and very dangerous to operate at these speeds, as evidenced by the chaps the Axe Women have to wear while performing this event.


This has always been an audience favorite event to watch. Two Axe Women use their skills to stay atop a spinning Western red cedar log. As one of the hardest skills to master, agility, perseverance and balance are very important in this competition. It is an exciting ride from beginning to end.


In between the Axe Women Logger shows, during daylight hours, there will be a special opportunity for the event attendees to take part in one-on-one log rolling instruction and one-on-one axe throwing instruction. The interactive log roll and axe throwing instructors will charge participants a nominal fee to learn. Participants will be required to sign a two page wavier in advance. Anyone under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian to fill out and sign the wavier.


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