CAST IN BRONZE is an exciting show featuring the CARILLON, a rare 2-ton instrument with hauntingly magical qualities that are played through dozens of bells.

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The Carillon
Cast In Bronze
The Carillon
Cast In Bronze
The Bells In Action

CAST IN BRONZE features the carillon, which is played by a silent and masked “spirit of the bells” that appears only to breathe life into the instrument for the performance. Cast in Bronze was created to bring the haunting beauty of the carillon to more listeners, integrating classical and modern music accompaniments that highlight the versatility of this instrument. 

Each of the three touring carillons of Cast in Bronze consists of 35 bells, and each instrument weighs four tons each. It is the only musical act of its kind in the world.

The “spirit” and creator of Cast in Bronze, Frank Della Penna, began his studies in Valley Forge, PA and is a graduate of the French Carillon School in Tourcoing, France. Cast in Bronze is the only musical act in history utilizing the carillon sustained solely by live performances and recording sales, and receives no financial assistance from any other source. Della Penna hopes that his passion will preserve the future of this instrument and perpetuate the art of playing it for future generations.

Cast in Bronze has performed for both Pope John Paul II and a U.S. Presidential Inauguration. Performances also include five Christmas seasons of exhibition at Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, Alice Cooper’s “Christmas Pudding” benefit concert and a special Christmas Eve performance on NBC's "The Today Show." Cast In Bronze has played all major renaissance festivals across the U.S. and been featured on numerous radio stations and television broadcasts.


CONTACT US for more information on how to make this incredible musical experience a part of your next event.

*This show is only available for outdoor venues and amphitheaters.


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