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About the Show


Flascal Ratts began from fan's comments to Shane when he would sing in other projects. Maybe it was the similar vocal style, or spiky hair, much like Gary Levox, or the clothing he wore on stage that started an idea for a tribute to Rascal Flatts. This was around 2018, but after a few years, and friend's suggestions, it became something more. The passion of this music was evident for Paul as well, and the two formed a bond to make this the best it could be.

Growing up on Rascal Flatts' music, the band couldn't deny their success, nor could they figure out why they should wait any longer! The musicianship contained in FR spans worldwide, rather from worldwide touring, national artists, Billboard charting, and amazing ability. In late 2022, Shane made a call to Paul Herring to see if he might be interested in it too. He was very interested, and everyone they talked with encouraged them to do it. After a few months, and many phone calls and ads placed, they found the most brilliant musicians from Phoenix to Nashville. In early February of 2023, rehearsals began and already, the band has shows from northern Ohio to southern Alabama booked!


Praying for Daylight

Life is a Highway

I Melt
My Wish
Feels Like Today
Fast Cars and Freedom
Take Me There
Yours If You Want It
Back to Us
I Like the Sound of That


Flascal Ratts does not own any rights to Rascal Flatts' music  They are NOT affiliated in any way. Their show pays tribute to Rascal Flatts.

Summer Nights

I Won't Let Go
These Days
What Hurts the Most
Bless the Broken Road
Here's To You
Me and My Gang
Why Wait

About the Band

Shane Russell - Lead Vocals

Shane has Performed over 4,000 shows in his career, and it all started in church as a singer and drummer, then  in school rock bands, Shane learned all about music at an early age. His dad, a guitarist and singer, taught him to drum in his bands as well. Paying his dues after high-school, he joined various cover and original bands, and eventually moved to Nashville. After the opportunity to perform on cruise ships and national touring with various artists, he found out about tribute bands. He became the drummer for a national Foreigner tribute and his eyes were opened to the potential of tributes. He later helped form a Journey tribute in Ohio, then a ToTo tribute in Denver, CO. Performing in huge theaters and festivals nationwide helped develop a style that carries over genres. Now, after listening to fans everywhere comment on his similar vocal style to Gary LeVox, Shane answered the call and here we go!


Paul Herring - Drums & Vocals


Paul began playing drums and performing in a local country band from his hometown, Georgiana, Al, the boyhood home of Hank Williams Sr. The band, Hy Tyme, began opening for country acts, and has shared the stage with artists such as Shenandoah, Randy Travis, Bellamy Brothers, Exile, etc. After high school, Paul went on to college on a drum scholarship to perform in their jazz ensemble. Paul has always been involved in country bands, rock bands, blues, jazz etc, but cut his teeth on 70’s/80’s rock…specifically his favorite band of all time. Journey. Before joining Majestic: a Tribute to Journey and now Flascal Ratts, Paul played in several classic rock bands with some of Nashville's top musicians, and more recently spent a short tour with the Mickey Utley band, performing larger venues including a short tour in the Caribbean, on the Norwegian Cruise ship Joy, with some of the best musicians from all over the world! “I am very blessed to be a part of Flascal Ratts with these great musicians that I also consider my great friends.”


Richard Hodges - Bass Guitar & Vocals

Richard was raised in South Florida and began learning bass guitar at 12 years old. By age 14 he was playing country music in a band with his father who was a touring lead guitarist. After many years of playing country music in the local clubs and touring the state with local bands, he moved to Nashville in 1998. He began auditioning and soon started touring with many well-known artists as a bass guitarist and band leader. He has performed live in front of thousands and has extensive experience in the studio.

Joe Reyes - Guitars & Vocals

He’s been playing guitar since he was 15, studied music at Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA. With a very Steve Lukather-style, Joe’s played top 40 classic rock , Latin music, prog, fusion, and has won few guitar contests. Joe was asked to be in tribute to Toto in 2021, where he played several shows in Colorado and Wyoming. Now his style is rocking Flascal Ratts. His influences range from Steve Lukather, Warren De Martini , Dan Huff, Ramón Ortiz , Gary Moore, Richie Blackmore, to Kee Marcelo , Steve Vai, Bruce Bouillet, George Lynch and Guthrie Trapp amongst others.

Jillian Herring - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Jillian was born in Alabama into a family of music. They moved to Tennessee and from there, her opportunities and love for music grew. Her high school choir performed at the Carnegie Hall in New York, backed Jonathan Cain of Journey, preformed in Disney World, etc. She’s also a part of a duo called Barefoot Banshee, with her best friend. Rascal Flatts is one of her favorite bands so she’s very excited to be a part of Flascal Ratts! 


Rebecca Siegel - Fiddle & Vocals

Becca's violin journey began at the age of eleven. While living in Chicago, she participated as concertmaster and first chair violinist in various school symphonies and orchestras. Throughout her first few years of playing, Becca discovered a new passion: fiddling. While under the instruction of Ms. Katie Bern, Becca studied classical Suzuki and commercial styles where she learned to read sheet music and play by ear. From this, Becca began attending local Irish and bluegrass jam sessions and festivals, and even received fifth place in the Illinois State Fiddle Contest. Most recently, Becca has been under the instruction of Dr. Ryan Joseph where she further advanced her techniques in commercial music. Although Becca is fully capable of playing classical, her favorite genres include country, pop, Irish, bluegrass, blues, and rock. Most recently, Becca has had the privilege to open for artists such as Billy Idol, Counting Crows, and Marcus King. As for now, Becca has currently moved from her hometown Chicago and currently lives in Nashville where she performs with various artists and does session work, all while continuing her passion for music.


Bobby Green - Keyboards

Bobby is a composer, songwriter, keyboardist, music teacher, audio engineer, and producer. He has written and produced music under the monikers Keib and TATARBA, performs as a keyboardist in Nashville-based jam band Blue Sky Revival, is actively working as a freelance live audio engineer, and has composed music for short films, trailers, video games, and the Pure Sound production music library. Bobby lives and works in Nashville, TN.

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