John Wayne Live is a special performance featuring a patriotic tribute to America and "The Duke", starring Cliff Voake.


JOHN WAYNE LIVE is a stage performance featuring the life and music of a true American icon. Cliff Voake's one-man show, "America, Now More Than Ever" is a moving patriotic tribute to America and to the man John Wayne. Audiences experience the spirit and character of John Wayne, the man we that many remember and love. 

Cliff Voake is one of the best when it comes to John Wayne impersonators. Cliff exhibits all the convincing stereotype characteristics known of' "The Duke." He's got the walk, talks the talk and makes expressions sure to make audiences believe they are watching John Wayne himself.

Here is what some of his fans have to say: 

"Cliff Voake as 'The Duke' is the best John Wayne impersonator I have ever seen, bar none. Usually you can find at least one feature that an impersonator is missing, whether it’s the walk, the talk, the size, the look or the expression that is not convincing. Not with Cliff. He has nailed the whole persona of John Wayne. The first time I saw him was from a distance at a crowded event. I did a double take and then thought, 'I have to see if he is really that good up close.' The closer I got to him, I thought this guy was incredible. When I got face to face and he spoke to me, the hair on the back of my neck stood up."

"John Wayne was my childhood heroes. I had seen most of his movies, time and time again, and when I met Cliff, it was as if John Wayne had walked off the silver screen and was standing there talking to me. I have been a live entertainment producer for over 30 years and have never seen an impersonator portray a screen legend so accurately. I wholeheartedly recommend Cliff Voake as 'The Duke' in his one-man stage show on America, patriotism and American values. You will be amazed."

Cliff is a guild actor, having performed on General Hospital, and in various TV and film productions, along with commercials. This show is available for booking in performing arts venues, theaters and fairs or festivals as a strolling act or free grounds entertainment.


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