LLOYD & WILLY are a combo that perform for audiences, singing nostalgic music and incorporating improvisational comedy at every opportunity. 


LLOYD & WILLY are a dynamic musical duo, and their acts are unplugged and hilarious. Both Lloyd and Willy have been entertaining audiences for over 30 years as artists and musicians.

The experience that these performers have allows them to draw from a rich and diverse repertoire. This act has performed folks songs, rock ballads and timeless pop melodies in their interactive show for audiences all across North America. These guys are at home on a stage, and performing as a sideshow.

Lloyd Mabrey is a master of improvisation and an accomplished guitar player. He has the ability to draw on audiences for requests, or to make light of a situation or information gleaned from the crowd. There isn't a performance where Lloyd doesn't take the opportunity to switch a lyric or tempo for a laugh.

Washboard Willy brings a strong rhythmic element to the act with his one-man-band skills playing a washboard, with plenty of (literal) bells and whistles attached. Willy has spent years playing drums, carries the beat for the act and has the ability to recall melodies and harmonies for songs from past decades, on demand.

Lloyd and Willy have produced shows that are oriented to any audience, for all sorts of events. They are currently available for booking for fairs, festivals, corporate and other special events.


CONTACT US to schedule LLOYD & WILLY for your next event!

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