A Tribute to Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys

Mikki Daniel is loved for her ability to spin a tale, her strong rhythm guitar and crystal clear voice. You can't help but love her personality, charm and engaging smile. Among her numerous accolades, she has received the WMA Female Performer of the Year Award, WMA Crescendo Award and the Western Swing Album of the Year Award from the WMA as well as the Rural Roots Commission for “Cowgirl Swing.” In 2014 she made history by being the youngest person

to receive the prestigious New Horizons Wrangler Award for her debut CD, "Gotta Be A Cowgirl" and published her first historical fiction novel “Girls and Gunsmoke”.

Award winning Mikki Daniel had always dreamed of having her own swing band, and in 2013 she began piecing together members to form a groovy sound unique to the vintage style she’d heard and loved growing up. While

it is unusual enough to find young players who are familiar with western swing, big band and jazz from the 20's - 50's, she was lucky enough to meet and perform with some fine young Texas talent who also shared her passion for those eras. Like Louis Armstrong said: “there are only two kinds of music: the good kind, and the other kind...I play the good kind”. And, so do these young cats. Mikki Daniel & Texas Wildfire can range from a swingy, electric duo or an excitingly tight trio, to a well-versed and impressive young-blooded 6-piece.

They’ve been described by performers of note as "a hot young swing sound”, “modern 40’s dynamite”, “classy, sassy swing” and “the kids hip enough to bring vintage back.” While they cover old classic cowboy crooners, silky smooth Sinatra, and a snazzy jazz tune here and there, most of the songs they dance around with are swing and western swing songs, some classics, some not so well known. Their common love for good music has intertwined and passions have grown, and audiences everywhere are delighted and wowed by their performances. No matter what YOUR personal musical preference or affiliation is, it is guaranteed that if you take a listen to Mikki Daniel & Texas Wildfire, you will quickly become a new fanatic! Mikki Daniel is also available for Solo and Trio performances.

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Mikki Daniel & Texas Wildfire

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