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About the Show

Long-time favorite performers of Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus, Alex Petrov’s all new show Petrov's Pandemonium Viva Vegas Live is a self-contained thrill show like no other. This family show is appropriate for all ages and presents circus skills, daring feats and acts straight from the Las Vegas strip including a motorcycle highwire and a upside down act in mid air. In addition an educational presentation with the  three-pony liberty act and much more!

About Petrov's Pandemonium

Petrov's Pandemonium is a family owned entertainment company, run by professional multigenerational performers and providing endless entertainment for audiences of all ages.

We provide a variety of acts in a 30 to 45 minute show, which can be modified to fit any theme or style requirements you may have. This flexibility makes us the perfect entertainment provider for fairs, festivals, casinos, corporate or private events.

The Petrov-Zsilak family consists of multigenerational performers Alex Petrov, Sofia Zsilak Petrov, Viktoria Zsilak and Richie Zsilak. They are well seasoned entertainers and have spent their whole lives entertaining audiences of all ages around the globe.


In our latest presentation, Viva Vegas LIVE!, we bring the Las Vegas Strip to you! Combining elements of daredevilry, aerial artisty, and much more with a Vegas flare. This approximately 30 minute show will make you feel like you are at a show straight off of the Vegas Strip!


Alex & Sofia

Father and daughter, Alex and Sofia aren't anything to yawn at either. You will be hypnotized by Sofia's grace and elegance on the aerial hoop and net. Alex will have you turning your head as he magically performs upside down in the air! Alex and Sofia then join forces as the Sky Riders on a motorcycle, several feet in the air, balancing on a wire no thicker than your finger!

Viki & Richie


Mother and son, Viki and Richie, present their high energy juggling and plate spinning acts. Watch in awe as they juggle a variety of objects with amazing skill, and keep their plates spinning atop thin sticks with outstanding finesse!

Playful Ponies

Last but not least we have our prancing ponies presented by Viki! Our four legged performers are sure to be a fan favorite in our pony trio liberty in which Viki also gives educational insight to the animal training process!


At Petrov's Pandemonium, we are not afraid to try new and innovative entertainment ideas. The performance possibilities are infinite!

A Little Bit More of Our Story

We grew up in the Circus performing and for the last two decades we traveled and performed with the famous Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth. 


Unfortunately in 2017, the Greatest Show on Earth closed its curtains and we came up with the idea of creating Petrov’s Pandemonium.  It’s a family friendly show that can be enjoyed by all ages!


The ponies that you will see were a part of the Greatest Show on Earth and now they are a part of Petrov’s Pandemonium.  

Technical Details


Petrov’s Pandemonium is a self-contained thrill show.


180' x 80' Set Up Area

2 - 50 AMP Outlets

Water Hook Up
Hay for Ponies


CONTACT US to schedule PETROV'S PANDEMONIUM for your next event!

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