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A little bit about our story

We grew up in the Circus performing and for the last two decades we traveled and performed with the famous Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Greatest Show on Earth. 


Unfortunately in 2017, the Greatest Show on Earth closed its curtains and we came up with the idea of creating Petrov’s Pandemonium.  It’s a family friendly show that can be enjoyed by all ages!


The ponies that you will see were a part of the Greatest Show on Earth and now they are a part of Petrov’s Pandemonium.  

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This daring show of thrilling feats will excite and enthrall your guests!


A motorcycle perched atop a high wire with a beauty dangling below on her tiny trapeze who does tricks that will make your head spin. Sophia’s aerial hoop will delight when she performs tricks well beyond your imagination. Mother and son, Richard and Viktoria, present a sensational juggling act of balls, hoops and dubs.  This is a high energy, fast paced act showing off their skills, coordination and incredible teamwork. Jessica’s low wire balance and flair will prove to be a crowd favorite as she jumps rope, dances, and leaps over fire all while standing on a small 1/2” wire. 


Petrov’s Pandemonium is a self-contained thrill show that will enhance your fair, festival or event of any kind.  This family show is appropriate for all ages and presents circus skills, daring feats, and educational presentation of the three-pony liberty act, a motorcycle high wire, juggling, aerial hoop, and low wire. 

CONTACT US to schedule PETROV'S PANDEMONIUM for your next event!

Alex's Motorcycle Highwire Act as seen in

Ringling Brothers Barnium & Baily Circus

Viktoria's Prancing Ponies Act as seen

in Ringling Brothers Barnium & Baily Circus