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About the Show

Ricardo's performances include spectacular speed paintings in UV (black light) that are choreographed to music, with a blend of unbelievable martial arts and gymnastics.

RICARDO ALONZO is a showcase artist who creates vibrant paintings in minutes in choreographed performances that involve martial arts skills and ultraviolet light.

About Riccardo Alonzo

RICARDO ALONZO is a performance artist who speed paints with vibrant colors in ultraviolet (black) light. He incorporates gymnastics and martial arts by using his hands, feet and nun-chucks to paint his spectacular creations for live audiences in minutes.

Ricardo has a long history of creating art. He began exhibiting talent at an early age. However, because he was born to a family living in rural Philippines in third-world conditions, even obtaining a pencil and paper was a luxury. Ricardo's family immigrated to the U.S. when he was 12 and at that time Ricardo began to grow. Ricardo worked hard to develop his skills, alongside using his natural talent. He eventually obtained a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Architecture, also developing abilities to create graphic and commercial art.

Ricardo has a passion to reach disadvantaged and at-risk youth with a message of hope that is motivational and inspires kids to live for their dreams. With this passion in mind, he recently started an art school in his home town in central California.

Ricardo has traveled the world performing, speaking, entertaining and inspiring audiences for over 20 years. He has created over 10,000 paintings that are displayed all over the globe. These paints have been created for corporate and civic events, charity and foundation fundraisers and for fine arts venues in schools, colleges and universities.


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