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About the Show

This sensational Karen Carpenter tribute act will have you reminiscing to the fabulous hit songs of The Carpenters including "Top of the World", "Goodbye To Love" and "Close To You" just to name a few. If you are booking for the festive season, add all of the Christmas classics covered by the carpenters in the 70's.

About the Artist

Since Katy started performing all over the UK, the regular comments regarding the similarities in voice and appearance to Karen Carpenter inspired her to create a show that promises to bring Karen Carpenter's music back for audiences and honor her work. This is not just a show, this is an experience into yesterday, once more.

Katy has previously trained at the famous Italia Conti Academy on their prestigious musical theatre course. On it's completion, Katy went on to perform in various West-End musicals as well as spending four years as a production singer onboard various cruise lines.

Combine Katy’s sweet, innocent look, authentic and vintage replica costumes plus the same smooth, low, velvety tones that Karen Carpenter was renowned for and you have a truly convincing lookalike and soundalike tribute show.


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We've Only Just Begun

Rainy Days and Mondays

Top Of The World


Yesterday Once More

I Won't Last A Day Without You

& many more

Booking Options

Katy offers either a 1 x 60 mins performance or 2 x 45 mins.


The show can also be booked in the following format:-

- 1 x 60 mins. Karen Carpenter tribute set

- plus 1 x 30 mins. upbeat cabaret/70's set.


Why not book this act for the Christmas period where Katy can offer her 'Christmas with Karen show' from The Carpenters very successful Christmas album.


All music is the rights of The Carpenters and no music is owned by Superstar the Carpenters Tribute.


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