Kennedy Experience Overhead Photo
Full Shot Presidential Limo
Kathleen Kennedy Cutting Ribbon
JFK's Rocking Chair
Fred Standing In Presidential Limo
Lines to see The Kennedy Experience
President Stack Up
Presidents Podium at Whitehouse
JFK's Cuff Links
Photo Op at President's Podium
Nick at the Presidential Limo
More of The Kennedy Experience
Presidential Limo from the rear
More JFK items on display
Video at The Kennedy Experience
Presidential Limo from the front

The Kennedy Experience is a traveling exhibit of the private collection of F. Nicholas Ciacelli featuring over 350 original items from the United States’ 35th President, John F. Kennedy.


View JFK’s sweater given to him on his last birthday.  See JFK’s jewelry box filled with the President’s cuff links. There are hundreds of items that were a part of President Kennedy’s life.


Perhaps the most impressive part of the exhibit is the 1961 Lincoln Presidential Limo.   This is an exact duplicate of the presidential limo that President Kennedy used through most of his term and on his last day in Dallas.

The Kennedy Experience is an interactive exhibition with videos and other interactive displays.  You’ll also be able to stand at the Presidential podium in the White House Press Room.   You can stand next to a life-size picture of President Kennedy and see how you measure up to our 35th President.

The Kennedy Experience is back on the road and now bigger and better than ever before. Once again this incredible collection is available for you to bring to your next big event. The fun and fact filled exhibit is a "One of a Kind" Experience full of authentic items from the Kennedy family including never see before personal artifact that JFK used in life before and during his historical administration.


Just a few of items that make up the Experience:

  • Presidential Limo Replica - Used in Oliver Stone's JFK and many more films

  • Kennedy's Famous Rocking Chair

  • Kennedy's Jewelry Box and Cuff Links

  • Exhibit includes over 350 items

  • Videos with Historical footage of JFK not seen in everyday life

  • Interactive exhibits with free photo ops


Ideal Venues and Information on Hosting The Kennedy Experience:

  • Fairs, Festivals, Casinos, Malls, Museums and Historic Celebrations, etc.

  • 50' x 50' lighted area inside with electricity

  • Venue provides blue carpeted area with blue pipe & drape

  • Everything else including setup and tear down is furnished

  • The Kennedy Experience can be free or ticketed

  • The Kennedy Experience is guaranteed to attract the media and press

  CONTACT US to schedule THE KENNEDY EXPERIENCE for your next event!


The man behind this amazing collection is F. Nicholas Ciacelli.


Nicholas was a young boy when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963.   He’s spent most of his adult life tracking down and purchasing the thousands of pieces of history that make up The Kennedy Experience.


F. Nicholas Ciacelli has spent nearly 50 years putting together his Kennedy collection. He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s still looking for more items to add to the collection.


Even though the The Kennedy Experience contains hundreds of items for viewing, F. Nicholas Ciacelli has thousands of items in his personal collection. The Kennedy Experience can be made smaller or larger depending the size of the venue.

THE KENNEDY EXPERIENCE celebrates Kennedy's Life not his assassination!

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